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Welcome to Ugiri Progressive Community, Inc.

In the fall of 1996, a handful of UGIRI persons resident in the Tri-State area, USA gathered in New Jersey to discuss ways and means of forming an enduring umbrella Association of UGIRI people in the contiguous United States of America to help uplift its people in Diaspora and in the home land.

At that time, none of the pioneers of this movement envisioned that within a few years, the eventual Ugiri Progressive Community, Inc. will become the benchmark with which all Associations of Igbo people in Diaspora will be compared. It was incorporated in 1998 as a non-profit organization and registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(C ) Tax Exempt Entity.

Over the years, through the generosity of its members and the general public, we have helped restore order when lawless gangs were threatening the homeland. We have aided our Traditional Rulers in maintaining peace and stability. We have aided in numerous missions for various causes and have continued to be ALL our Brothers’ Keepers in times of crisis.

Today, the Ugiri Progressive Community, Inc. is known amongst all UGIRIANS in Diaspora and at home. The scares of its numerous wars evident, Ugiri Progressive Community, Inc. marches on to its original aim; to unite her Sons and Daughters abroad in a common fight to uplift all her Citizenry and neighbors with OFU OBI.

Upcoming Events

Educational Scholarships
Programs for Students

Helping talented and intelligent Ugirians by providing them funds for education

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Peace Movement
Restoring harmony in Ugiri

Promoting good leadership, respect and common welfare in the tribes from the mother land

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Socio-Economic Activities
Programs for livelihood

Helping the general Ugiri Economy improve through micro-businesses and family livelihood programs

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Medical Missions to Ugiri

Providing the underprivileged with access to health services in the local areas

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P.O. Box 129
Spring Valley, NY 10977
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Phone: 845-536-6797